They Will All Know MeThey Will All Know Me:

God’s Passion and Provision for

Sharing Life With You NOW

Tonia weaves together Scripture, God’s covenant history with man, and stories of her daily life with the Holy Spirit. The result is a revelation of God’s passion for knowing His children in intimate friendship.

What Christians call salvation, Jesus called “the new covenant.” Every covenant is based upon a sworn promise, and God’s promise in the New Covenant is profoundly good news:

“They will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.”

Salvation is not a ticket for a later date with God in heaven, but a covenant relationship that brings the believer into the family fellowship of Father, Son and Spirit, today.

In spite of having faith IN God and the fact of His existence, many Christians have too little faith in God’s actual Presence with them. They live like orphans, as if God is far away and His attention must be earned or begged. This leads to an unsatisfying, insecure relationship with the Lord, never entering rest with Him or experiencing the joy of knowing the delightful Person who is God.

Living By Faith In God’s Presence

Scripture teaches that the Lord is present with His born-again child from the time His Spirit joins and fills them. You do not have to earn God’s Presence, but you do need to simply believe in and respond to it! This is the key to the abundant life Jesus promised. The secret to a great Christian life is not making yourself over into a better person, but knowing God more.

Tonia’s book has a refreshingly different focus: she teaches you how to embark on a life journey of knowing God, instead of focusing on yourself and how to be a better Christian.

A Short Course on God’s Covenant Ways With Man

Tonia reveals the ancient Biblical covenant values

and in doing so, illuminates God’s heart for relationship with His people. These values are, among other things:

  • God’s commitment to offer unfailing love for His child.
  • God’s commitment to offer Himself in real relationship, in which He reveals His thoughts and plans, teaches, guides and personally watches over His child.
  • God’s commitment to nourish, protect, and provide for the needs of His child.

God’s Passion Is To Share Life With You Now

Scripture is clear and consistent: God’s passion is to nourish His born-again children through personal relationship. His provision is the Holy Spirit, His gift to all who join themselves to Jesus, His Son. In fact, the Apostle Paul referred to this New Covenant as “the covenant of the Spirit.”

“The main reason Jesus spent years among men before He went to the cross was to demonstrate the life He was purchasing for us. He showed us what it would be like for a redeemed human being, filled with the Spirit, to share life with the Father. This is why the Lord gave us His Spirit: to make it possible for us to know the Father, Son and Spirit while we yet live on earth. Gods purpose in Christ was not just to save us; it was to bring us into the relationship we were created for.” Page 18

The all-powerful Holy Spirit is best known for signs, miracles and wonders, but here Tonia focuses entirely on His role as the promised personal teacher, counselor and comforter. Scripture says we have been called into fellowship with the Father and Jesus Christ, and it is the Spirit who brings us into that fellowship.

Entering Rest With God

Writing from a deeply held belief that the human heart was created to be satisfied in knowing God, Tonia shares stories and Scriptures validating this truth in a section about Entering God’s Rest.

For the Christian weary of trying to build spiritual strength by self-effort, Tonia offers a refreshing portrait of life shared with the Spirit, and how HE establishes life a believer permeated with wisdom, joy, creativity, peace, and strength. God Himself mentors His children in becoming fruitful citizens of His kingdom.

With its easy to read style and solid Scriptural focus, They Will All Know Me is a valuable discipleship tool for both new and seasoned Christians.

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  1. The Full Message Of This New Life
  2. Making The Case For Knowing God Now
  3. Who Am I To Personally Know God?
  4. Your Salvation Is A Covenant
  5. Ancient Covenant History and Ways
  6. The Biblical Thread of God’s Covenants
  7. The New Covenant Fulfilled In Christ
  8. Our Covenant Ceremony and Gift
  9. Orientation: Becoming God’s Friend
  10. What God Has Provided To Know Him
  11. Knowing God Through His Word
  12. Knowing God The Holy Spirit
  13. Knowing God Together With The Body
  14. Life With My Spirit Friend
  15. A Life God Calls “Rest”
  16. Removing Barriers To Entering God’s Rest
  17. The Rest Of A Satisfied Heart
  18. All Things Are Fulfilled In Knowing God
  19. The Goal Of Covenant: A Kingdom