Hello, thirsty soul!

Here is what you need to know first: God wants to share life with you every day, hearing His voice, enjoying His tender love, learning, resting, playing and creating with Him. You are hungry to build a satisfying relationship with the Lord in this present life. You want it real, and accessible, and sustainable. I know that hunger, too.

The Good News: this is precisely what the Lord wants! With the Spirit’s help I’ve found this heart life for myself, and I want it for you!¬†This website is a meeting place to share what I’ve learned, so you can develop your own abundant heart life with the Lord — what I call “Spirit life.”

My writing and teachings are about:

  • Sharing life with the Spirit of Christ in ordinary days.
  • Being rooted and established in God’s personal love.
  • Relating to God as a real father, friend, and counselor.
  • How God satisfies and nourishes your human spirit.
  • Understanding God and the Scriptures through the lens of His covenant heart.

God is more wonderful, more good, more everything you are thirsty for, than you know. He wants to be discovered. He wants you to know and be known by Him, for your joy and for His glory.

The New Covenant of Jesus is God’s provision for a life with the Spirit that fulfills God’s Word to you. It’s personal. It’s powerful. It will ruin you for any other way of being.

Towards this goal I teach, mentor, and write. You can learn more about me here, and read my blog posts here. Most posts and pages give you opportunity to comment or ask a question. I’d love to hear from you concerning your own life with God and help you find answers to any questions you have.


Spirit Life Is Knowing God

They Will All Know Me

God’s Passion and Provision for Sharing Life With You NOW

When you become a Christian, you are brought into God’s family. This is a real family, whose members want to be an active part of your life from the moment of your spiritual rebirth.

And while it will be extraordinarily wonderful in heaven, God never intended for this life-sharing to begin AFTER you get there. This is why God gives His Spirit to His children. His Spirit comes to dwell with your newborn human spirit, connecting you to the family and enabling genuine fellowship with the Father and the Son.

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Spirit Life develops through hearing God's voiceCan I Really Hear God?

Co-Authored with Dr. Ron Woolever

The Bible is full of references to the importance of hearing “God’s voice” — of perceiving His communication. God has given us the capacity to know His thoughts and makes it clear that we must learn to hear Him in order to walk with Him in fullness of life and fruitfulness.

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Spirit Life establishes you in God's loveRooted & Established In Love

The Power & Purpose of the Greatest Commandment

A Christian’s relationship to God is best rooted in His powerful love, but many have a relationship established instead in legalism, neediness, spiritual ambition or fear. Once you are established in God’s love, you can learn how to love God with all your might. God’s Kingdom is meant to be inhabited by those who are both beloved and faithful lovers of God.

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Spirit Life develops you into the woman God designed.The Woman God Designed

Living the Life He Longs To Give

A woman experiences God and expresses His life in uniquely feminine ways. This book is a thorough study in Christian womanhood and marriage. But first it leads the reader to ask and choose the answer to the question, “What kind of woman will I be?”

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Spirit Life

“Spirit life” is my term for life shared with the Holy Spirit, my shorthand for the incredibly nourishing relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit that Jesus purchased for us with His blood.

The Bible is clear: Christianity is not just another religion, it is an interactive relationship with the Living God. Anything less than genuine and personal relationship with God the Father, Son and Spirit falls short of God’s design for His creation.

If you are a Christian and do not yet experience genuine daily fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord, you are missing the best part of your salvation this side of heaven. I want to help you discover all that.

Heaven is not the goal of a Christianity — the goal is knowing God. Heaven is just where that relationship continues eternally after you no longer need your earth suit.

If you are not a Christian, but are curious about the life that comes through Jesus Christ, please stay with me for awhile. I will help you discover what life looks like when you trust God with it.

My style is a combination of teaching and testifying.

Tonia teaching

The Bible is an incredible treasure of self-revelation from God. Believing what it says led me to know and understand God, and made me thirsty for the life I now share with the most wonderful Being ever. I love to open up the riches of His Word and make people thirsty to read it for themselves.

Because I have grown so much from reading stories of other Christians’ personal experiences with God, I share my stories too. I treasure transparency and experience, so what I offer my reader is the ongoing story of a flawed human being sharing life with an amazingly good God.

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